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Sara Bruce, MD
Breast Surgeon

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Breast Biopsy

If you have a breast lump, the only way to definitively know if it is cancer is to do a biopsy. This involves taking a tissue sample that a pathologist will examine looking for cancer cells. Whenever possible, it is best to perform the biopsy by using a needle to take a small piece of tissue. This procedure is often guided by imaging techniques, like mammography or ultrasound.

Sometimes a needle biopsy is not possible and surgery is necessary to obtain the tissue sample. The pathology results will show whether the lump is cancer. If so, there are several studies that are performed on the tumor.

These tests help your doctors understand the nature of your tumor and tailor the best treatment plan for you. Be proactive and take advantage of Free Mammogram Day on October 27th. Call 571-423-5400 for more information and to register. Remember, friends don't let friends skip their mammograms.

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